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Hello !

I'm Richard Soberka, creator of Trekway.

Photographer and traveler, I conceived this website in order to share my passions and to present to you, through my photographs, a personal vision of our world.

To contact me :

Trekway is :

  • A collection of authentic and unique travel guides, based on my personal travel stories.
  • The english translation of the French website.
    (partial translation, work is still in progress... consists of about 2500 pages and receives more than 6000 french visitors a day.)
  • A collection of professional stock photos, sorted by country.
  • A real gold mine of information about more than 30 countries.
  • An open window on my personal passions, which are travel and photography.
  • An inexhaustible source of desktop pictures!

My wishes :

  • To brighten your day by bringing you a little escape with my photos and travel stories.
  • To share with others my deep appreciation of nature.
  • To see Trekway grow with the help of new partners and sponsors.
  • To sell my pictures :
    Advertising agencies, magazines, publishers...
    in search of original photographs, please contact me :
    All the pictures shown on trekway - and thousands more - are available in hi-res files (34 to 65 Mb).

More information...

  • The idea for (the original French version of goes back to August 1998, but was inspired by my world tour in 1996.
  • I'm the author of all the photographs and stories found on;
    however I receive a helping hand with the translation from French to English from Dean Galloway (from
  • I take particular care to verify the accuracy of information in my stories; however, if you discover errors or anomalies, do not hesitate to tell me.
  • On the other hand, all these stories reflect my personal feelings, and in some cases they cannot be held as universal truths.
  • In love with nature, the respect of our planet is my absolute priority.
    Thus, I pay special attention not to pollute nor disturb the places I visit, satisfying myself by capturing the wonders of nature on film... You will find my personal page here.