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image Emir photo of an arab Businessman in Dubai United Arab Emirates
And the true Emiratis?

What do they do, you ask me? Ah!

Well, they are generally CEOs, or, by default, rich!

He is a rich ship-owner, he is cultivated, studied in England, usually speaks several languages...
and rolls in an enormous four wheel drive of 100,000 dollars.

His "business":
trade with nearby Iran....

First of all, he builds his boats in Pakistan, the famous Dhows, thus increasing his fleet at the rate of 2 new ships per year...

Then, he staffs them with Indian or Iranian crews at low cost...
Lastly, he buys food, primarily fruit juices, from a Dubai's wholesale business seller... before going to resell them in Iran on the other side of the Persian Gulf.

His business is flourishing!

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