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Image Hatta Pools photos of a Wadi in the Hatta Pools in south of Dubai
My first goal was to reach "Hatta Pools", water basins that lie
at the end of this "wadi" and in which it would be certainly
pleasant to bathe...
In the end, "Hatta Pools" were rather disappointing:
some stagnant water holes.
I thus decided to just follow my road even further in the Omani countryside, while driving sometimes through this "wadi"!
The worst being the passage of a thin sand spit 20 meters (65 feet) wide.
... After getting out of the car to examine the ground, I decided to pass in force, in other words, I took a running start and got the car up to 70 km/h(45 mph) to cross it! I succeeded!
And, retrospectively, I am sure I made the right decision, because, if I had tried going slowly, I would have gotten stuck in the sand for sure.
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